Champagne Blanc de blancs Grand Cru

This champagne has a delicate bouquet yet a rather powerful and vinous flavour. Its beautiful effervescence and tonicity will address your soul, finding a kindly place on your cocktail table or at celebratory occasions.


100% Chardonnay


Champagne Brut - 6 g/l

Avalable in Bottle

Champagne Blanc de blancs

Tasting notes


Its robe is a pale shade of yellow with glints of green, the sparkle is abundant and fine, with a thin ring of foam on the surface.


The bouquet is expressive, frankly displaying its own chardonnay notes, in which one can distinguish grapefruit, almonds, mimosa flowers, followed by rarer notes of bergamot orange, sea air and vetiver. It denotes crisp springtime days.


When tasting, the attack is gentle; but this is notwithstanding this champagne's ability to express beautiful texture and impetuous effervescence. This exuberance and fullness in the mouth come with a warm character. The acidity and dosage of the liqueur remain in the background so that this cuvée can deliver its generous fruity flavours (lemon, white peach, eau-de-vie). As a whole, this champagne has an ample, warming airy texture (like wool).
The finish is long (8 seconds), saline and heart-warming. It ends on a chalky sensation and a hint of a bitter edge.
Ageing potential: 3 years.

Gastronomic pairing

As an apéritif drink, with parmesan tuile crackers, crudités on wasa crispbread, seed pastries, savoury popcorn, cured ham, breadsticks, etc.
With a meal of 'fine de claire' oysters, radish and Comté salad, crab canapés, clams and cockles in brine, grilled fish and uncured goats cheese.

Champagne M. Vanzella

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