Champagne Tradition

This is aromatic champagne, with a smooth flow, and well balanced, aged for three years in our cellars. This champagne is well suited to family gatherings.
Also available as Demi-sec.


40% Pinot noir, 30% Meunier, 30% Chardonnay


Champagne Brut - 7 g/l

Avalable in Half bottle, Bottle, Magnum, Jeroboam

Champagne Tradition

Tasting notes


A golden robe and a long-lasting sparkle which generates beautiful lines of bubbles.


A fruity bouquet (apple, pear), combined with fresh honey, then spices and butter on a background note of sponge finger.


First, the attack is comfortable, then this mellow champagne discloses a smooth flow. As a whole, this champagne has a light and soft texture.
The finish is crisp with hints of acid drops, long (8 sec) and lightly chalky.

Gastronomic pairing

Gougères (cheese-flavoured choux), cream of Champagne-lentil soup, chicken and sweetbread vol-au-vent, white boudin sausage, local 'raviole', tagliatelle with parmesan, risotto, etc.

Champagne M. Vanzella

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