Champagne Blanc de noirs 2018 Grand Cru

This champagne is powerful, vinous, mineral, and has the capacity to warm your heart. Its flavour reflects the grape variety, the terroir and the 2018 vintage. It is perfect for a 'cool & chic' evening - pair it with food with soul!


100% Pinot noir


Champagne Brut - 6 g/l

Avalable in Bottle

Champagne Blanc de noirs

Tasting notes


The robe is golden with glints of pink, the sparkle is extremely fine, displaying pretty lines of bubbles.


The bouquet feels ripe and complex, with aromas of ladyfinger biscuits, cooked pears, exotic fruit (pineapple, passion fruit), then of lemon and quetsche plum, and later even, of chestnuts with a 'smoky' hint.


This champagne has a supple attack on the palate before firmly expressing beautiful consistency, a heart-warming character, as well as being intensely fruity. This vinosity is balanced out by an expressive acidic structure and gentle and tender sparkle. As a whole, this champagne has an ample, dense and warming texture (a lot like velvet) with aromas of biscuits, honey and plum.
The finish is long (8 seconds), powerful, very mineral and complex. It can boast all at once lamb's lettuce flavours, a chalky mouthfeel, salinity and beautiful freshness together with a bitter hint.

Gastronomic pairing

Food pairing: meat and game terrines, escargots au jus, fattened chicken in creamy sauce, beef and veal skirt steak in sauce, roast lamb, cheeses such as Saint-Nectaire, Laguiole and Soumaintrain.

Champagne M. Vanzella

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