Commited by nature


Artisans of he vineThe place where it all began

Mailly-Champagne is a small village located between Reims and Épernay, at the heart of a Grand Cru appellation.

It is on this spot exactly that our vineyards flourish, on the slopes of Montagne de Reims.

We also own a few pretty parcels on neighbouring 'grand cru' areas such as Verzenay and Sillery - they complete our precious heritage.

We work with our vineyards to help them yield the best they can.

All year long, we work and give them the necessary care so that they can give magnificent grapes.

They are harvested manually when fully ripe, as soon as they actually represent the promise of high-quality champagne.

Our environmental approachCommitted winegrowers

For many years now, we have adopted the practise of responsible farming.

We tend to the soils, enhancing biodiversity, preserving a natural grass cover, using pest control responsibly, etc, reducing in many ways our environmental impact.
This awareness of the environmental cause has been certified for our farm since 2018 with the HVE and VDC labels (High environmental value and Sustainable viticulture).

Viticulture durable en champagne Haute valeur environnementale

Artisans of the wineWhere it all takes shape

Alain is a very attentive cellar master.

He makes very precise blends giving each of our cuvées its true identity.

Each bottle must then wait another four to ten years in the coolness, silence and darkness of our cellars for its aromatic potential to be revealed.

At our farm, several of the vinification stages are done 'the old way'.

The bottles are placed on a manual riddling rack; the disgorging stage is performed in the same way that our ancestors did it; the liqueur de dosage is made in-house, etc.

Champagne M. Vanzella

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