Champagne Millésime 2014

This is champagne in the making. Very fruity and vinous, it boasts structure and potential once in your mouth and it is already ideal for a festive picnic.


50% Pinot noir, 40% Chardonnay, 10% Meunier


Champagne Brut - 6 g/l

Avalable in Bottle

Champagne Millésime

Tasting notes


Its robe is a light shade of yellow, with fine and abundant sparkle, and a thick ring of foam on the surface.


The bouquet is expressive and earthy. One can first distinguish yellow fruit, baguette and fresh almonds against background notes of roots. Then the hints of berries and gingerbread begin to reveal themselves. It denotes youthful summer time.


When tasting, the tonic attack is followed by a vinous and ample mouthfeel. The effervescence gradually melts into the body of the wine and is coupled with a warm character. As the acidity and light tannins give structure to this cuvée, its dosage can be revealed. The aromatic expression tends towards fruit and berries such as yellow fruit, raspberries and cherries, together offering a full firm texture.
The finish is rather long (6 to 7 seconds), chalky, and enriched with aromas of hazelnut. It ends on a refreshingly bitter sensation.
Ageing potential: 10 years.

Gastronomic pairing

As an aperitif drink, with salted almonds, fresh pretzel, Parma ham rolled around breadsticks and Comté sticks.
With a meal of salmon and leek pie, rabbit (or chicken) and lemon terrine, pineapple pork roast, fromage frais with nori seaweed and uncured Picodon or Saint Marcellin cheese.

Champagne M. Vanzella

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