Champagne Millésime 2012

Mature, complex and flavourful champagne. It should be served as an 'after-dinner drink', by the fireside.


40% Pinot noir, 30% Meunier, 30% Chardonnay


Champagne Brut - 8 g/l

Avalable in Bottle

Champagne Millésime

Tasting notes


The robe is a pretty golden hue displaying calm and regular bubbles, appearing in thin lines.


The bouquet is mouth-watering, reminiscent of praline, melted butter and dried fruit followed by baked apple, spices and mushroom. This is a rich, deep autumnal bouquet.


The attack is broad and smooth, then the champagne develops a melted, fleshy and full-bodied mouthfeel, with a flavourful sparkle. As a whole, this champagne has an ample, melting warming texture, like cashmere wool.
The finish is very long (+ 10 sec) and ends on a cooling fresh note.

Gastronomic pairing

Walnut gougères (cheese-flavoured choux), andouillette with creamy mushroom sauce, cream of chestnut soup with foie gras, seven-hour veal, lamb curry, truffle brie, etc.

Champagne M. Vanzella

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